[Download] Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car) Free Latest Version 1.10.120

Torque Pro apk is a paid application that costs $ 4.97 on the Android app store. Usually, when your car is in a problem, the primary thing you do is take it to the garage. However, most common issues are not as crucial as you watched; you can restore them without difficulty.

Torque Pro helps smartphones or tablets to connect to vehicles via Bluetooth to diagnose and offer different guidelines on those issues. Some mistakes can be fixed early without the need for a car assurance center.

Torque Pro Apk

Torque Pro is a helpful software for display engines, transmission, and vehicle parameters. The app is well suited with cell devices on Android and iOS platforms. It could assist in case you used an OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro to work.

torque pro app
torque pro app

Torque Pro is a paid version of Torque Lite, so that if you need to buy it from Play Store. You can pay before downloading and installing this app.

Torque Pro remains very beneficial in supporting If you are a busy person who does not have time to care about the damage. You can also gain data about the car and understand the specifications. Many problems can check fast via this software. Of course, it additionally can not update professional technical staff.

Overview Of The Features Found And The Torque Pro App

Now for starters, you can keep a watch on your engine vitals to the real-time data show. This completely customizable format may be tailor-made to fit you and consist of readouts for coolant temp spa every output

  • Intake Temps
  • Ambi Attempts
  • Gps Mass
  • Airflow Air To Fuel Ratio, And Many More.

You also can file zero to 60 and quarter-mile instances from this format.

The following function that we experience makes this app well worth the $4.97 price tag is the fault codes reader. With this characteristic, you’ll experiment the car computer for fault codes that may assist. When looking to decide if a test engine mild indicates a severe factor failure or a minor sensor difficulty.

You also can use this app to clean fault codes, doubtlessly overriding sensor mistakes that produce overall performance, or maybe immobilize the car. Obviously, you may need to apply this selection with fantastic care and concept as you may inflict worse harm on the vehicle under certain circumstances.

Map View Display Screen

Furthermore, there’s a handy map view display screen that tracks your journeys and permits you to check velocity and altitude alongside the route, in conjunction with markers for engine notifications and fault codes.
This might be handy if you’re looking to troubleshoot when an engine difficulty occurs or completely share your travels after a trip. You may even move deeper into the capability through exploring the take a look at outcomes and graphing interfaces.

torque pro apk
torque pro apk

How to Install Torque Pro APK for Android

Torque pro apk for Android is an important app for vehicle owners with the capacity to measure the rate of your vehicles like cars and other motors. Torque Pro is a complicated car diagnostic and scanner app on your Android smartphone. Torque is essential for OBD2 Bluetooth adapters. It’s certainly considered one of OBDII’s preferred apps for Android phones.

Torque pro apk for Android Rating

  • Interface: 9.9
  • Performance: 10
  • Usability: 9.0
  • Durability: 8.7
  • Setup: 8.9

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to customize the order of widgets and scales.
  • It looks as if a process scanning tool. For example, CEL may be reset.
  • It comes with maintenance scheduling, user profiles, custom dashboards, etc.
  • The Pro version is very low priced, while the Lite version is free.
  • Compatible with all OBD2 cars.
  • Drains your phone’s battery quickly.
  • It does not work with iOS devices.
  • The best OBD2 application isn’t to use.

How to Download and Install Torque Pro APK for Android

This function is to be had for all cars synthetic for the reason that 1996. The OBD popular can be visible in the engine compartment with a sticker. So all users, while checking the functions and interested in using the app, can download Torque Pro Apk.

Steps to install Torque Pro Apk for Android

You have to allow unknown sources in your Android device. The device enables the consumer to download any report from outside sources

After downloading the Torque Pro Apk report, simply open and begin the setup by clicking on the install button.
Then after the setup is completed, open the software this is running on your Smartphone. Now you could enjoy all of the functions of the app.

Best Alternatives for Torque Pro apk

OBD Car Doctor Pro

The primary and useful application, OBD Car Doctor, reads records despatched out of your OBD adapter and reviews all engine and car parameters in real-time:

  • Speed
  • Rotation Angle
  • Temperature
  • Strain
  • Other Different Sensor Data That Your Car Supports.

Carista OBD2

It allows you to customize your car by enhancing its digital options. It additionally allows you to check your vehicle for mistakes and delete any inaccuracies in the code and check emissions. The character has to have an OBD II adapter; this is plugged into the car’s OBD2 port.

Once you allow Carista to gather information from your car, it will tell you if the automobile has collided. If you do not have an OBD converter, you could input the information yourself.

How Does The System Work Well

First, you’ll want an Android tool because this software isn’t to be had on iOS now; Apple folks do not run off simply yet.

We suggest locating a cheap Android tablet or the usage of Android to feature your kit to use as a devoted diagnostic device.

Why You’ll Want Torque Pro App

The usage of the Samsung Tab 2 tablet, however, this app works on telephones as correctly. It could assist if you also had an OBD to the reader with Bluetooth competencies to speak to the vehicle wirelessly.

We went with the highest-rated unit on amazon made through ba FX products, and it has been rock-solid for us for the beyond 5 years.

We suggest an extension cable if your OBD2 port area could position the reader in a damaged’s manner. Now you’ve got all of the hardware and software programs in hand, allow’s stroll you via the setup.

OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Torque Pro

Torque is an obd2 overall performance and diagnostic device for any tool that runs the Android running device. It will allow you to access the various sensors inside your vehicle’s engine control device as properly as will enable you to view in clean problem codes.

This Is A Brief Review From What You Can Expect From The Torque Application

The essential steps, capabilities, and functions; you can and must take a supermini OBD2 adapter a Bluetooth scanner for use with the Torque android software.

This supermini obd2 adapter is one of the many you can buy at a reasonable price and does the process flawlessly properly. It is a preferred experiment device to access the majority of sensors inside your vehicle’s engine device.
Torque is an OBD to performance and diagnostic device.

It is an application for any tool that runs the Android running device. You want one of the Skagit to apply with torque and be able to scan the engine system and allow you to view in clear problem codes. All you need to do is to plug it on your car connector.

Installation Of OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Torque Pro

OBD stands for Onboard diagnostic device. Install the ribbon cable, connect the reader, and steady it in a secure area; ensure it does not interfere with your pedals, airbags, or emergency brake lever.

It’s not required for the engine to be walking for these steps; however you do need it to switch to the accessory.
Open the Bluetooth menu in your tool and pair the obd2 reader the usage of the PIN included with the unit; that usually is 0 0 0 0 or 1 2 3 4.

Next, open the torque app navigate to the obd2 adapter settings, and make sure the connection type is about to Bluetooth.

Then pick the adapter; once connected, you are prepared to begin setting up your app.
Start by opening the settings and developing a vehicle-specific profile. This will allow you to play with a number of the gas mileage monitoring features accurately.

PIDs Or Proportional Integral Derivative

Some engine and transmission PIDs or proportional integral derivatives aren’t available within a stock app set up without custom programming.

Thankfully a person has already positioned quite a few attempts into developing these different formulas, and a quick internet search will usually point you in the proper direction for your make and model.

Once you have observed, the CSB comma-separated fee record on your custom PIDs downloads the record and navigates my documents app on your device.

Under the settings, you need to click on the Show hidden documents to allow the torque folders to seem now, unzip the record, and keep it to a folder referred to as prolonged PIDs in the dot torque folder. You may also create this folder if it is not already in the directory.


Manage Extra PIDs

Now head returned to the torque settings and opened the Manage greater PIDs /sensors setting in the top-right drop-down menu.

Select predefined upload set after which your record must seem here. Tap the record, and your custom P IDs may be imported. The biggest purpose for doing this at the forerunner is to unlock the transmission enter and output temperatures.

Now you may visit the real-time data display screen and take a go searching at the usual gauges in telemetry.
You can modify any of those readouts in length gauge kind in a description. Many different gauges may be delivered to create a purpose-built display however allow to save you some time.

Torque Pro allows users to keep their dollars for detecting and repairing at professional stations. You also can be greater proactive in fixing surprising issues.


Tour Statistics

You can compress all of the parameters of vehicle records in a .zip format and import them into Google Earth. After that, the software will display a record of facts, consisting of Speed, GPS, Travel Distance, Travel Time, Fuel Level, and extraordinary indicators. These facts will help users in determining the reputation of vehicles.

This characteristic is also helpful to deal with the wrong police speed tickets. Although this statistic is not considered through law as proof, it may help you remove incorrect traffic violations. These facts are very reliable and can not simulate.

Check For Incidents

Fault Codes reader will check your car’s IT device to locate mistakes when a problem occurs. This function will help you determine the severity of the damage and find out a first-class repairing solution. The software is capable of detect sensor errors and thing errors.

Through the software program, the software program can delete the mistake code. However, this feature needs to be used carefully because you may make the problem worse.

High Compatibility

Torque Pro can be acting stably on any shape of the vehicle that uses OBD 2. You can take a look at if the software is adequately perfect in your car by looking for the words “OBD2” posted on white labels in the engine compartment.
Most vehicles produced after 2000 can successfully connect with the software program. The software program, even though it helps some extraordinary automobiles; however, some competencies will now no longer work.

Advantages of the Torque Pro

One of the great advantages is cost. You have the Torque Pro that will convey down your protection costs. This is especially because you’ll be capable of capture troubles early on garages and dealerships rate to examine these faults.
You won’t pay for this again. Your mechanic may also now no longer have the possibility to prescribe needless paintings in your vehicle.

In addition to all of the functions and capabilities we had visible above, the User of the Pro model has the choice to feature a few greater plugins to increase ability. These consist of tracking similar parameters and similar shows on external devices.

Disadvantages of the Torque Pro

  • You may also enjoy some hanging on the app. This is specially induced through different apps on your android
  • device.
  • Speed might also additionally appear inaccurate at times. In this case, you’ll calibrate the speedometer.
  • It can be incompatible together along with your vehicle. Would you please test before purchase
  • High battery consumption
  • Some functions can be confined to particular models of vehicles.
  • Torque Pro will work with a wide variety of Bluetooth adapters. The most famous adapter is the test device.

One aspect to notice here is that the Bluetooth adapter will not decide the capability or the functions in the Torque Pro app. The adapter enables to study of the sensors already in the vehicle.

Some Other Capabilities

Torque Pro offers many exceptional competencies that make it easy to govern and tune the reputation of your vehicle. Here are the great opportunity competencies that this software program brings.

  • Dyno / Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque
  • Temperatures look at reading Can (This characteristic relies upon on the auto)
  • Monitor CO2 emissions while automobiles perform.
  • Easy to customize the manipulate panel and profile.
  • Car dock support, Graph data, and MPG
  • Easily share facts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter via screenshots.
  • Providing a digital compass, you can never be disoriented while driving.
  • This software program also works well on Android tablets.

Why Do You Need To Download Torque Pro?

There are various benefits and traits to access torque pro apk. These are super-useful for everyone who desires to be aware of the problems in their cars continually.

You can access a Dynometer and Horsepower display.

Additionally, you may test out the temperatures of your very own vehicle’s transmission.

Get correct velocity timings. In fact, those timings are way greater particular in assessment in your own GPS. Get a complete study on your CO2 emissions.

Your Dashboard and numerous profiles also are completely customizable.

Also, the Track Recorder function can maintain a log of your very own travels. Get an onscreen black display screen on your car, AKA OBDII.

Unfamiliar with a producer fault code? Don’t worry, and there may be an extensive database of various fault codes to track the problem.

Personalize your software with various subject choices and alternatives on your tool.

Torque lite vs Torque Pro

Torque Lite is the free version of Torque Pro. While Torque Lite is right sufficient for most users, Torque Pro is a higher deal that includes a whole set of features.

Torque is an essential and essential aspect of any vehicle owner’s repertoire with its wide variety of functions, capabilities, and extras. It’s capacity to tell you of an abundance of critical information about performance, safety, and fault codes.

This Android app is an absolute must-have for proprietors looking for an affordable and convenient choice to address and keep away from current and destiny preservation or restore issues.

The method is to drive in the direction of the dealership. The whole procedure of reserving an appointment and diagnosing that means of the fault code alone will cost hundreds of dollars upfront. This does not include labor.


First Name Torque Lite Torque Pro DashCommand
Operating systems Android Android Android/IOS
OBD2 adapter compatibility Bluetooth adapters
Wifi adapters (not recommend)
Bluetooth adapters
Wifi adapter (not recommend)
Bluetooth and Wifi adapters
– Cars don’t have OBD2 standard
– Nissan
– Chrysler
– Subaru
– Cars don’t have OBD2 standard


– Cars don’t have OBD2 standard
– Later-than-2014 cars (not 100%)
Cost Free 5$ 10$

Key Differences Explained

Let’s check what sets every one of those apps apart from each other so you can make your selection for this reason and feature a clean picture.

Operating System

Torque Lite and torque seasoned are well suited with the best android versions. However, a few android 11 customers file problems using them. That’s something you need to preserve in your thoughts in case you have an android eleven tool, or you plan to improve to that version.

Dashcommand Works On Ios And Android.

All 3 of them work on Windows PCs. But I don’t advise you to accomplish that because those apps are specially designed for cellular devices.

Car Compatibility

These 3 apps may be easily used on all cars and trucks. Most vehicles have OBD2 ports positioned under the steering wheel or in the glove box with car technology advancing. Before you search out the app, keep some things in mind:

  • Your car must be OBD2 compliant.
  • Torque Lite can’t be utilized in Nissan, Chrysler, and Subaru
  • OBD2 adapter compatibility
  • OBD2 adapters come at an affordable price and are had to scan your car engine. But it can not be well suited to every app.

If you have already got an OBD adapter, you need to preserve this in your thoughts:

Torque lite and Pro work higher when used with OBD2 Bluetooth adapters (they can work with wifi adapters; however, I don’t suggest you accomplish that). DashCommand uses both wifi and Bluetooth adapters.



The Torque Pro app is an excellent OBD2 android app. It has several capabilities and functions for troubleshooting your vehicle. It is likewise an amazing device for reading specific components of your car or driving.

Investing in this app and an excellent OBD2 Bluetooth will assist prevent journeys for your mechanic/dealership for easy troubleshooting tasks. The exact score that the app has on the google play store needs to persuade you if you still have any doubts.

Conveniently, Torque Pro automatically scans the DTC error code to return to the original state after solving and reconciling issues with error codes.

This will consist of solving the problem, like changing the sensors and checking all electric connections. With an excellent array of functions, Torque Pro is an important app for vehicle owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Torque Pro cost?

Ans: Torque Pro, with its guide for plugins, car profiles, and values for power and efficiency, is $4.97.

  • What type of device can I associate with Torque Pro apk?

Ans: This software program is paired with a Smartphone, tablet, or maybe a laptop with Bluetooth era supplied that it uses the Android working system. The app works with nearly every Android model of Android 2.1 (this indicates all cutting-edge Android devices).

⦁ What does the torque pro app do?

Ans: Torque Pro is famous Android apps for running OBD2 diagnostics. This current software program allows customers to obtain information from the sensors of a car’s Engine Management System (EMS). Besides, you may use it to read/clear codes and display the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Ans: Create a CSV document with the subsequent structure:

  • Upload document *.csv to …./
  • In Torque app select Settings->Manage more PIDs/Sensors->Add predefined set and choose your document *.csv.
  • Then upload new displays in the real-time data window.