Download ActiveOBD Torque pro plugin for Subaru Free in 2023

Torque pro plugin for Subaru. ActiveOBD TQ is the Torque Pro application plug-in giving extra Subaru-specific sensors. ActiveOBD Torque pro plugin for Subaru helps users to provide some extra features to maintain their car problems. It provides some extra functions. 

  • Compatibility check (FREE).
  • Stand-alone application.

Torque Pro is a paid application that costs $ 4.97 on the Android app store. Normally, when your car is in disturbance, the initial thing you do is take it to the garage. However, most common problems are not as crucial as you watched; you can return them without difficulty.

Torque Pro helps smartphones or tablets to join to vehicles via Bluetooth to diagnose and offer different guidelines on those issues. Some mistakes can be fixed early without the need for a car support center.

REQUIREMENTS Of Torque pro plugin for Subaru:

These are the main requirements of the torque pro plugin to get activated.

  • Compatible OBD adapter: OBDLink MX / LX (recommended), Vgate iCar2/3;
  • Subaru vehicle MY 2007-… (CAN bus interface);
  • Torque Pro (paid version) installed with full access enabled for Plugins (Settings -> Plugins -> Allow plugins full access).
  • Torque pro plugin for Subaru
    Torque pro plugin for Subaru

Extra sensors list Of ActiveOBD Torque pro plugin for Subaru

  • AT/CVT Fluid temperature;
  • AWD Transfer Duty Ratio;
  • Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage;
  • Lock Up Duty Ratio;
  • Turbine Revolution Speed;
  • IAM (Ignition Advance Multiplier);
  • Battery Voltage ECU-side;
  • Alternator Duty;
  • Memorized Cruise Speed;
  • AT/CVT Fluid deterioration rate (experimental)
Checking the the faults in your vehicle using torque pro
Checking the the faults in your vehicle using torque pro

Torque pro plugins free download

So here is the last and very important step: how to download the torque pro plugin for subaru for free. Here are some steps to be followed to download this for free.

  • Open your Chrome Browser.
  • Search
  • Now in the Search bar.
  • Search Torque pro plugin.
  • Click on the First article.
  • Now go to the end and Easily download that plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions by Torque Pro Users:

Q1. For those working the TorquePro app with OBDLinkLX are you capable to get transmission temperature? I have the CVT but I don’t see transmission temperature in the possible sensors.

Q2. As I remember there is a Subaru-specific plug-in for torque pro. Are you noticing CVT Temp as an option in TorquePro but you can’t get data from the sensor, or are you not discussing an option for CVT temp in TorquePro at all?

In my case, I wanted to download (buy) the plug-in to read my CVT temp. There are still sensors available in the Subaru plug-in that I get no data from, CVT %-split, IIRC, is one of those. I wanted to get some more information on my mechanical situation when I’m off the road, particularly in the hot desert.

Q3. I see it in the table, but with a black background, two of them, labeled Method 1 and Method 2. “Active” sensor inputs are displayed with green background.

Btw, depending on how I use it, the TorquePro App can create CELs/Faults, probably because of a connection issue on the CAN bus. In other words, you may not want to rely on this in constant driving, on or off-road.

Q4. Yes, I can prove that, but I also had some other independent CELs so it was hard for me to pick it aside.

If you have only seen them on a hot restart with the app running, then at least it is an independent confirmation and covers over 90% of what I have seen. The other general thread is that when I look at the faults, I see a connection error, along with whatever else pops up.

What other information protocol did you use?

There are A lot of Questions. Just Ask me I will add them.

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