Torque Pro Custom PID List Equations 2024

Are you facing a problem with your vehicle engine or vehicle? Understanding the fixing of problematic errors in your engine is better to understand by making a Torque Pro Custom PID List. To get better results in your engine, adding the additional stuff will better improve performance.

As a software engineer, I have some weird tricks that I would like to share with you with Torque Pro. But, if you are new to starting this work, I recommend starting this work with easy equations one by one. However, it is easy to add a formula in only 5 minutes.

Let’s discuss all the ways and requirements to learn easily by the method one by one.

How to Create Torque Pro Custom PID List.

To get started to create a custom PID list in the torque. Specifically, there are some requirements that you should must-have for the easier way. Below I will share requirements, guides, steps, and requirements that you should must-have.

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  • Some of the essential requirements are necessary to have you. Let us look and start to create a
  • custom PID in torque.
  • Firstly, you must have a basic knowledge of the torque app.
  • It will require 5 minutes to create
  • Tools used to create are OBDII Bluetooth dongle (it does not need to be created in the custom,
  • but can be needed to display and use it) and torque app.

How to Add Custom PID in Torque Pro Step by Step Instructions.

  • Firstly, open the torque pro app and go to the setting.
  • Click on the Manage custom OBD2 PIDs in the setting option
  • thirdly, click on the upper right three buttons, and choose the option of add a predefined list
  • Put the details on the PID OBD editor by checking your PID details on your device.
how to add custom pid in torque pro
how to add custom pid in torque pro

Add information like this;
MID: $a3

TID: $0c

Misfire counts for last/current driving cycles (calculated) – Misfire Cylinder 2 Data
Max: 65,535Count Min: 0 Count

Test result value: 1 Count


However, there are some equations that you can put to show different results.

Air Density equation.

If your air density is too low, you can use this equation. While calculating the mass air flow rate, the humidity may assume to be 50%. The equation should be;

Unit: lb. /cf

OBD Header: 7E0

Equation: .0717*(303.15/([0f]+273.15))*([33]/101.325)

Compute Sea Level.

You can use this equation for computed compensation and the normalized torque/horsepower values. However, at a sea level of 50% humidity and 30 Celsius, compare your Torque/HP values with others.

Equation: .0717 / (Val {Air Density} + .0000001)


This equation determines whether or not the car is boosted. It is used to eliminate undesirable outcomes from other equations. It looks for a boost between -0.78 PSI and 22.275 PSI on the MAP sensor, between 96 kph and 255 kph.

PID: 010b

Min: 0.0

Max: 1.0

Equation: ({A: 7} + ({A: 6}*{A: 5}))-({A: 7}*{A: 6}*{A: 5})

OBD Header: 7E0

Here is The Video Guide for Adding Custom PIDs in Torque Pro:

What impacts to create a Custom PID?

I have created a custom PID for my vehicle just because I wanted to improve the performance of my vehicle. However, when I have seen a massive difference in my work, I wanted to share some tricks and tips with you.

The trannies won’t go into 6th gear till the transmission reaches a particular temperature when it’s freezing outside (Wisconsin), and I wanted to be able to track if this occurs.

However, it may not be noticeable. When towing, it’s also important to know what gear your truck is in when you’re under load and turning many RPMs.

It can also diagnose some transmission problems. So, not only will this article show you how to make a custom PID and tell you how to make a “Current Gear” PID. Those with far more knowledge than me are likely to come up with some fantastic ideas, which you will hopefully learn.

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Final Step after Creating Custom PID

Go out in the vehicle, put in your OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle, load up Torque, and get them communicating once you’ve added the new custom PID to a display screen.

Then start driving by bringing up the display for the “GEAR” app. Changing your Gear display as you accelerate and shift gears indicates you’ve succeeded.

Torque Pro 6.0 Powerstroke PID List

If you do not have a list of Torque pro 6.0 Powerstroke PID, here you will get it. Before some time, I have purchased the PID predefined Powerstroke list, which will help you modify the predefined PID list.

  • Coolant Temperature (From TCM)
  • FICM Main Power
  • FICM Logic Power
  • FICM Vehicle Power
  • Fan Speed Sensor
  • Injection Control Pressure
  • Fuel Pump Duty Cycle
  • Engine Oil Temp
  • Transmission Fluid Temp (Method 1)
  • Transmission Fluid Temp (Method 2)
  • VGT Duty Cycle
  • Volume Fuel Desired
  • IAT2
  • Fuel Level
  • Injector Pressure Regulator Duty Cycle
  • Throttle Position (Actual)
  • Throttle Position (Desired)
  • Torque into Torque Converter

The Torque app lists all of the Ford-specific extended PIDs, although not all of them are for Powerstroke. However, when merged with both the application’s preloaded PIDs, the total number of PIDs is 177. This software contains a great deal of useful information.

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torque pro and torque lite comparison
Torque pro custom pids work


By simply following the method above of the torque pro custom PID list, you can create it easily. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you have to log in to the Torque Pro account and follow the above method. However, the method that I have listed above is very useful in custom PID torque Pro.

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