Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro 2023- Torque Pro App OBD2 2023 Review

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro. In today’s generation, phones are going upgradeable in their software versions and hardware too. Since many years ago, phones are only used for calls and sending messages. But, in the 20th century, many people used phones to run their online work, teach online, communicate with business people, etc.
In this case, phones are very important in life, just like good food is important to live a healthy life. So, there is no need to worry about balancing if you drive a car or travel in a vehicle.

Because one of the latest applications, Torque Lite and Torque Pro, provides a notable feature that helps you a lot. Both the versions have different options, features, supported vehicles, MPG, Turbo boost support, etc.
However, if you also want to communicate with the car’s brain, you need to install the torque lite or torque Pro. But wait a while!

Here is a little bit of confusion, what app is important and suitable for you to install in both the torque lite or torque pro? Don’t think too much; I will guide you completely on what you need to install in Torque Lite and Torque Pro apps.

What is Torque?

Torque is a twisting drive that shows you what’s happening every day in a vehicle. Likewise, using a wrench, opening a soda bottle, operating a doorknob, etc. However, it is a force that tells you each indicates what’s going on inside the car.

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro.

The main difference between torque lite and torque pro is torque lite is a free version and torque pro is a pro version with extra functionalities.

Torque Lite Features.

Torque Lite is a free version that you can install and use without any money. It works on vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, Chrysler, Jaguar, Mazda, Daewoo, and many more. However, more features are given in below;
It comes with customizable dashboard options that support you to change the theme and colors.
With its Data logging functions, you can upload the data, files, web servers from sensors you want to choose.
It helps you to fix your car and can also keep the vehicle to repair costs less.
Its GPS HUD mode enables you to check your speed even at night.
It also supports tracking the map log files to Google Earth CSV/KML.

Torque Pro Features

Torque Pro offers advanced features that are not supported by the torque lite. Yet it charges some amount 5$ from the users to provide the advanced version with upgradable features.
Its features include;

  • It supports all vehicles that torque lite doesn’t
  • You can customize the theme and colors of the dashboard profiles that whats you like
  • Whenever you are logging in, it sends you information through emails or web CSV for analysis.
  • It has a heads-up display that helps you to see the speed at night time. Also, the compass won’t bother the
  • magnetic interference.
  • If your vehicle coolant temperature hits 120C, it warning you through the Voice overlay.
torque pro and torque lite comparison
Torque pro provides the deep stats for your vehicle.

Common Things in Torque Lite & Torque Pro

Before starting the comparison in both, I would like to share common things with you. The most vital point is that you can still fix engine problems and vehicle performance issues with ease. Rather than wasting money on mechanics, you can track your car’s performance, engine stability, and fuel economy within minutes.
Also, both are the obtain performance in real-time and keep you updated each time. So you can track your vehicle in real-time, the OBD2 adapter gathers data and presents it on the app. However, the sensor data will help you to diagnose the car better. Plus, both the torque lite and torque pro offers customizable displays to change the theme.

Comparison between Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro

Some of the most noticeable features we have noticed in both apps make them unique from each other. Therefore, before installing, you may see what is probably needed to install.
Let’s discuss and decide what you need to install one!

Operating System

The first thing is to consider the Operating system of both apps. These both are compatible with android versions, not iOS. You can also use it on Windows PCs, but I will not recommend using it on PCs because it mainly designs for androids.

Car compatibility

You can effectively use the torque Lite and Torque Pro in the car and trucks. As you all know, automobile technology has advanced features. Under the steering wheels or in the glove box, cars have OBD2 ports. As a result, you should have to keep some points in your mind before getting it in your hand.
It means that your vehicle should be OBD2-compliant.

You can’t use Torque Lite in Chrysler, Nissan, and Subaru. However, Torque Pro is compatible with all vehicles.
So, in this case, you should select the Torque Pro if you are using it in the Chrysler, Subaru, and Nissan.
Logging Information

When you install torque lite, it will not send you information through email. In comparison, Torque pro sends you information to the web or email KML/CSV for analysis. However, it is another plus step to verification and getting help if you are new to installing it.

Checking the the faults in your vehicle using torque pro
Checking the the faults in your vehicle using torque pro

OBD2 Adapter

Another factor is the scan of your vehicle engine, while which is do the OBD2 adaptors are at reasonable prices. Yet, it is not compatible with any app. However, if you have an OBD adapter, both the Torque Pro and Torque lite will work better. By using OBD2 Bluetooth adaptors, it will not disappoint you with its work.

Which one should you choose?

If you don’t have the budget to buy the torque app, you may choose the Torque lite. Alternatively, if you have a budget and want to invest 5$ at least $5 on the app, I would recommend choosing the Torque Pro. As the torque Pro has some of the advanced features rather than torque lite, they charged 5$.
Fundamentally, Torque lite develops for the new beginner. While torque Pro offers upgraded features, it is perfect for professionals.

How do I connect these apps to my car?

Few are the simplest steps to follow for connecting the apps to the car. Here are below instructions for connecting the app.
• Get yourself an OBD2 adapter if you don’t already have one.
Secondly, find the OBD port and start your engine.
Then, turn your key into the accessory or “on” the setting.
Fourthly, turn on the Bluetooth and search for the new device.
You may insert the pin mentioned on the adaptor box. The pin maybe 0000 or 1234
Now, you are connected. Launch the app on your phone, and you are ready to go!

Does Torque work with Wifi?

No, the Torque Lite and Torque Pro are not compatible with Wifi. However, they both are compatible with Bluetooth. You can connect with the Bluetooth feature.

Final words

Lastly, your cell phone has an internal GPS, along with several other sensors, which Torque’s Android app can use to track vehicle acceleration, braking, and performance. Although, the Torque Pro and Torque lite have the different features, performance, functionality, price that all are in above.
However, you can effectively choose the app between torque lite Vs Torque Pro with the help of this article. So, choose the app according to your needs and budget.

Must Check out The Comparison Video.

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