Does BlueDriver Work with Torque Pro? A Comprehensive Comparison

Many people asked me Does BlueDriver Work with Torque Pro? But I always response based on the features of both apps. In the world of vehicle diagnostics and performance monitoring, two prominent names have emerged – BlueDriver and Torque Pro. T

hese powerful apps cater to the needs of car enthusiasts, mechanics, and everyday drivers alike. But the burning question remains: does BlueDriver work with Torque Pro? In this article, we’ll delve into the compatibility, features, and functionalities of both BlueDriver and Torque Pro, helping you make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs. Also check torque pro custom pids list.

Does BlueDriver Work with Torque Pro?

BlueDriver and Torque Pro are both designed to communicate with your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system, but they approach the task in slightly different ways.


Developed by Lemur Vehicle Monitors, BlueDriver is a user-friendly OBD-II scanner and app that connects to your vehicle via Bluetooth. It provides comprehensive diagnostic information, reads and clears trouble codes, and offers real-time data monitoring. BlueDriver is particularly known for its ease of use and reliability.

Torque Pro:

On the other hand, Torque Pro is a versatile app developed by Ian Hawkins. It requires an OBD-II adapter and allows users to access a wide array of real-time data, performance metrics, and diagnostic trouble codes. With customizable dashboards and advanced features, Torque Pro is a favorite among car enthusiasts seeking in-depth insights into their vehicle’s performance.

Compatibility Between BlueDriver and Torque Pro

While both BlueDriver and Torque Pro offer impressive capabilities, it’s important to note that they are not directly compatible with each other. BlueDriver works exclusively with its dedicated hardware, which means it cannot be used with Torque Pro’s OBD-II adapters, and vice versa.

Features Comparison

  1. Diagnostic Capabilities:
    • BlueDriver: BlueDriver boasts an extensive database of over 30 million fixes verified by certified mechanics. It provides detailed reports on trouble codes, possible causes, and recommended repairs.
    • Torque Pro: Torque Pro offers a broader range of real-time data and performance metrics, making it a valuable tool for performance tuning and customization.
  2. Real-Time Monitoring:
    • BlueDriver: BlueDriver provides real-time data monitoring for essential parameters like RPM, vehicle speed, fuel efficiency, and more.
    • Torque Pro: Torque Pro excels in real-time monitoring by offering customizable dashboards and the ability to track a wider variety of parameters.
  3. User Interface:
    • BlueDriver: Known for its user-friendly interface, BlueDriver simplifies the diagnostic process for users of all skill levels.
    • Torque Pro: With its customizable gauges and graphs, Torque Pro allows advanced users to tailor their monitoring experience.


In the debate of “Does BlueDriver work with Torque Pro?”, the answer is that they are separate entities, each with its own set of features and functionalities. BlueDriver offers ease of use and a comprehensive fix database, making it an excellent choice for quick and reliable diagnostics. On the other hand, Torque Pro provides a deeper dive into performance metrics and customization options, catering to the needs of car enthusiasts and professionals seeking advanced insights.

When choosing between BlueDriver and Torque Pro, consider your specific requirements, skill level, and the depth of information you seek. While they may not work together, both apps stand as impressive tools in their own right, offering valuable insights into your vehicle’s health and performance.

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